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I just can’t


how bad the puns on this site are getting

get out.

That is the best pun EVER

"green B?" 

"leaf B?"

"B leaf?"



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omg apparently artificial banana flavoring is based on the gros michel banana which was wiped out by a banana plague in the 50s and the banana we eat today is a totally different thing called the cavendish and thats why banana candy doesnt taste like bananas do you know how lied to i feel. like there was a fucking banana apocalypse and no one told me about it until now



When the cashier hold’s up your $20 to see if it’s real



"David Luiz teaches family how to take a selfie and gets an unusual proposal from young supporter
A 10 year old girl asks for the PSG defender phone number, who chuckles, “don’t you think you’re too young?”. The footballer gets the opportunity for the first’s Dunga matches.

The defender David Luiz arrived on today’s Tuesday’s afternoon in Miami. Excited about the opportunity given by Dunga for the friendly match against Colombia, which will take place on this Friday in Miami, and Ecuador, on the 9th, in New Jersey, Paris Saint-Germain’s defender witnessed two unusual situations. 
While speaking with the journalists, David Luiz was hugged by a young supporter. At the age of 10 and touched by the defender’s presence, Julie made ​​a curious request. 
- Can you give me your phone number?
With a smile on his face, David Luiz answered the girl. 
- Don’t you think you’re too young? If at least you were older, who knows.
Then, David was approached by a family for another photo session. However, the responsible for the click failed to take the photo, and the defender gave a quick ‘how to take selfies’ lesson.”